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Referring a Patient for Outpatient Therapy

The Rehabilitation Medicine Department provides outpatient occupational and physical therapy services to patients referred by a licensed physician. Prescriptions for therapy must be specific and signed, and the diagnosis of the patient must require the skill of a licensed therapist.

Some insurance companies also require a "referral" to therapy by the primary care provider. Medicare requires that the referring physician sign and update the therapy plan of care every 30 days.

It also is helpful for a therapy prescription to include precautions, special instructions, post-operative limitations, specifics for modalities, and weight-bearing status and progression where necessary. Providing all necessary information will preclude delays in providing appropriate care. The patient may contact us directly for an appointment once they obtain this prescription.

A complete computer-assisted occupational and physical therapy prescription form can be found on the Hospital's Infonet Rehabilitation Medicine page (available only on-campus or through VPN).

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